Simply Continuous In The Box


We’ve had many requests for help in putting designs into the ‘box’ and for some simpler and easier patterns so… here it is! This one is just for FUN!

Place the open book next to your block to use your laser to copy or… trace onto a piece of press n seal/cling wrap. The press n Seal will stick to your book while you trace it with a sharpie. Then take the press n seal off and it will stick to the block you want to sew to. Simply stitch through the lines and pull the plastic off when you’re done! (Shorten your stitch length to make plastic removal easier.)



Here is a book FULL of designs that can be put into a ‘box’ or blocks!  These blocks are created in sets of four, flying insects with a fly swatter, Reptiles with a cactus border, sea creatures with a seaweed border, seashells, boats with a wave border, things that fly with clouds, boys toys to ride and race.  There are baby items with a pin border, Footprints with a chicken footprint border, designs for darling dogs, cats, and pets, things for the kitchen, things for sewing with a button border, ladies hats, garden flowers, leaves and how to put them into a border design, fruits and ideas for fall.  Supplies you would need for starting school, balls you would need to play sports, great Halloween blocks, Thanksgiving blocks, Santa fun blocks, everything you might need for a nativity quilt!  Cowboys and Indians, old fashioned toy blocks, zoo animals and even ladies accessories!  you will find them all here in continuous lines made easy!

You can use these patterns as they are presented, enlarge or reduce to fill your blocks. Don’t limit yourself as you can also use a four patch or a nine patch for your pattern design as well. Combine patterns into an overall pattern, wreath or border design. Remember that YOU don’t have to stay in the box! We are the creator of quilts and thus have the right to choose to get out of the lines if we want to!

Many of these patterns have no end, thus you can decide where to begin and end your design. Other patterns begin and end separately to create a cleaner look by avoiding double lines to add to your ease in following the pattern.

Be creative, there are so many other ways to use the designs in this book!  Try making your own greeting cards, postcards, use them in flyers or handouts or even copy to use as coloring pages for your little ones!  This book is FUN!

Feel free to use these patterns for yourself, your friends and customers for red work, embroidery, appliques, greeting cards and even as continuous quilting lines! Don’t limit yourself to fabric (though we all love it!) Try using paper, paint, embroider floss, etc. Have fun with it!