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  • Copyright Information

    All designs are property of Anne Bright.  You are purchasing a license to use the designs (for yourself & your customers).  By purchasing or downloading any designs from this site (or via e-mail from us) you are agree to the terms of copyright protection under the law. No copyright information shall be stripped from downloaded files. Users shall not redistribute (this means if you rent out your machine, clients must purchase their own designs), share, give, alter or sell files.  You should take designs off of a machine before you sell it.  Attention photocopying service providers:  You may print our catalogs for our customers to be used as personal reference or to use so that their clients can choose designs.  You may also copy pages from our ‘Simply Continuous’ books for our customer’s personal use (or to quilt for their customers).  They may need paper designs copied in order to fit the length of their quilt(s) or to enlarge or reduce the size of the designs.  Thank you!

  • How do I Join a Club and Get My Designs?

    Designs are now kept in “My Account” under downloads. Only the 3 most recently purchased designs will be appear before opening your downloads.

    I joined the Ruby Club.  How do I select and get my designs each month?
    RUBY CLUB:  After logging in, select 3 Edge to Edge designs, and place all of them in your cart. When 3 E2E or b2b designs are in your cart, the price will be updated to $0.00. Simply proceed to checkout. When you have less than 3 e2e or b2b designs in your cart, it will give you your Club Discount, and not be counted as your Ruby Club discount. Once you have placed your order and you have an Order confirmation, click on My Account, and go to Downloads.  Your designs will be displayed and can be downloaded.  NOTE this only works once per month. Ruby club designs do NOT carry over from month to month.  They must be selected during the current month.

    I joined the Bronze Club.  How do I select and get my designs each month? Your designs are automatically placed into your downloads each month.  You can access them under “My Account” under downloads.

    I joined the Silver Club.  How do I access and get my designs each month? Your designs are automatically placed into your downloads each month.  There will be a folder with your Bronze set and one for your Silver designs. You can access them under “My Account” under downloads.

    I joined the GOLD Club.  How do I access and get my designs each month? Your designs are automatically placed into your downloads on the first of each month.  There will be a folder with your Bronze set, one for your Silver designs and one folder with the Special for the month!  You can access them under “My Account” under downloads.

    In January and July the SPECIAL will be a choose your own b2b designs. (there will not be a folder for the Special in your downloads these months.)  As a GOLD member, you will need to select 7 b2b of your choice during the current month as they will not be available after the end of the month.  Your first set of 7 will be included as part of your GOLD club membership! If you would like to select 7 more designs from the e2e category during this Special, the price will drop to $50 for each set of 7. You will need to check out with 7 e2e designs in your cart.  You can then get as many sets of 7 b2b as you would like during the current months of January and July. If the price is not dropping to $50, check to make sure you don’t have any print your own, borders, blocks, etc.

    This is available for ALL club members!


  • I tried logging on but the website is not accepting my password. How do I reset my password?

    When you click on Log In, click on the Forgot Your Password under the password field. Specify your email address.  An email will be sent with a link.  Click on that link and type a new password, then click Submit.

    If you have not ordered since May 2017 you will need to get a NEW account.  The new website simply does not recognize you yet.  You can still shop and the website will take the information that you give it at checkout (the first time) and create an account for you!

  • How can I Change My Club level?

    While in your account click on subscriptions.  You will then be able to view your subscriptions and put them on hold while you are away if you would like or cancel or change your club level!  You can be in the Bronze, Silver or Gold club and also add the Ruby club so that you can select 3 edge to edge each month as well for only an additional $20!  A great way to get a great selection of edge to edge designs!

    Changes need to be made before the first of the month as the club sets for that month will already be in your downloads.

  • I did not receive my club newsletter. How can I let you know?

    Send an e-mail to [email protected] and we will get it to you and try to troubleshoot the problem. The problem could be that your credit card expired or was declined, or perhaps the newsletters are bouncing (not able to be delivered to your account). If everything is okay on our end, it may be a setting on your server or e-mail account.

    We have been doing our best to make sure all club members receive the newsletter on the first of each month and that you have live “click-able” links. However, no matter what we do, there are a few members who continue to miss out on Anne’s wonderful designs. Most problems seem to be with cable internet providers (Comcast, gci, sbcglobal) and addresses at smaller companies and private servers. It is just as frustrating to us as it is to those of you who are not receiving the monthly newsletters and designs. Each newsletter is tracked and if everything on our end shows as being sent, the problem is on the receiving end. Adding ‘[email protected]’ to your address book or contact list will sometimes correct the problem (or keep the newsletters from ending up in a spam / bulk / junk folder which most of us forget to check). There could be bulk settings on the account blocking the newsletters. There are many different reasons and account settings that could be the cause of frustrations. We suggest that if you continue to have problems that you open a (free) gmail account even if you only use it to get the newsletter and designs each month. We are tracking members who do not receive the newsletter when sent out in the bulk mailing (who need the newsletter sent to them individually each month). We hate to lose club members, and are more than happy to help those who are willing to help themselves. However, if after three months, the problem has not been corrected, in order to keep administrative costs down we will cancel memberships of members who are unable to receive monthly newsletters. Thanks so much for your cooperation in this matter.

  • I received my club newsletter but the links don't work.

    If you cannot click on the link to get to the download, you can copy or type the link into your browser window. Please make sure you are copying the link EXACTLY as it appears in the newsletter (minus any line breaks that may have occurred while in transit). The problem is normally that the / is not included at the end of the link while copying or pasting the link.

    If that still does not work and a new window opens with a “page not found” error message that does not come from our website, then your internet provider or your account settings are blocking the live links. You will need to contact your provider to request that they unblock the links and/or give you instructions to change your settings so that the links can be used.

    We suggest that if you continue to have problems that you open a (free) gmail account even if you only use it to get the newsletter and designs each mon

  • I am a member of The Paper Trail. Can you tell me how to enlarge a pattern?

    Yes!  You can get instructions by clicking here.   These instructions were created for the Simply Continuous CD’s, but work the same for the pdf files you receive monthly.  Another option is to print the files using a PDF Printer (We use deskPDF Creator by   DocuDesk ).  Using this PDF  printer, under ‘Page Handling’, we select ‘Tile all pages’ and put the ‘Print scale’ at whatever size you would like the design (for example:  150% for 9″ and 200% for 12″).  On each, set the ‘Overlap’ at .005.

  • I own a store and would like to carry your products. What can you do for me?

    We have special wholesale pricing. Contact us at [email protected]

  • I purchased a digital design and did not get to download it. How can I get my order?

    You may download designs purchased after 1 May 2017 from your account.

    Click on My Account and go to Downloads. Only the 3 most recent designs will be available without going into your downloads.

  • My credit card or expiration has changed. How do I enter it into my club membership?

    When you are in “My Account” you can go to subscriptions.  The website will walk you through entering your new card number.  Adding it as a new card will only work for future web purchases.


  • Will your designs run on my machine?

    Our designs currently are available in the following formats:

    CQP (CompuQuilter)

    HQF (HandiQuilter)  WE prefer qli for the Pro-Stitcher

    IQP (IntelliQuilter)

    PAT (Innova)

    PLT (QBot)

    SSD (SideSaddle)

    QLI (Statler, HandiQuilter, QBot)

    TXT (PC Quilter, Sidesaddle)

    VP3 (Viking, Husquavarna, Pfaff)

    Some formats may run on machines other than what is listed, check with your dealer for more information on what extensions will run on your specific machine.  Prices include one format. Please make sure to choose the correct format for your machine from the drop down menu for each item.  If you need two formats, you will need to add each to your cart. Please keep in mind that some formats will run on other machines (QLI designs run on more than just the Statler Stitcher, etc).  Please check with your dealer for more information on your specific machine.

  • What happens if I lose a digital design?

    We will be happy to replace any designs that you have purchased from us previously, but we will charge a minimum administrative fee of $10.  This covers up to ten designs.  After that, it’s $1 per design.  For club designs, it is $30 per year to replace your designs or $60 to backdate all years you’ve been a member.  We recommend to all of our customers that you create a backup copy (or 2!) of your design files so that if the copy you use on your system becomes lost or corrupted, you will have a clean copy to retrieve. Our own staff usually keep a copy on the computer that they use to download and on an external hard drive and/or on a jump drive that you use to transfer files.

  • What should I do if my design is not running properly?

    Contact us at: [email protected]. We will help you diagnose if this is a design or conversion problem, a corrupt file or if it is a system error. Please know that this takes time to figure out and we ask for your patience! We do guarantee all of our designs and will take steps necessary to provide you with a replacement if needed.