Simply Continuous Friends


This book includes: 

  • Baby Comforts B2B + Border
  • Flutter Bys B2B + Border
  • Animal Friends One/Two B2B’s + Border
  • Crayon Scribbles B2B + Border
  • Cookie Cutters One/Two B2B’s + Border
  • Sunshine and Rain B2B + Border
  • Doggie Treats B2B + Border
  • Froggin’ B2B + Border
  • Sticky Buns B2B + Border
  • Dolphin Dance B2B + Border
  • Fly Fishing B2B + Border
  • Swimming Upstream B2B + Border
  • Cherry Berry B2B + Borders
  • Old Oakly B2B + Border
  • Ladies in Red B2B + Border
  • A Notion to Sew B2B + Border
  • Sky-Line B2B

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Pantographs, Edge to Edge or roll patterns are the bread and butter of the quilting industry.  There are several reasons for choosing an E2E design.  One reason to choose an E2E design is because it can be accomplished within a reasonable amount of time.  When quilting for customers this gives you a higher profit margin for your time spent.  Quilts that are very busy or whose colors need a little help feeling like they belong together can benefit from an overall design.  Too many quilts and not enough time can pressure some quilters into choosing to use roll patters on a regular basis.

The pantographs in this book have been tested for you.  They have been designed with a straight edge, or nearly straight edge so that they may be placed between the inner borders of the quilt.  They are thus, Border to Borders (B2B) designs.  By choosing a B2B design you are able to give the border a special, individual treatment making it a custom job.  Customers are generally thrilled to be able to get this individual attention, especially when you can do it in less time than most other custom work would take.

Because these edge-to-edge designs allow you to add borders, each design has special borders that have been created to be friends with them! Feel free to mix and match and use your own creativity.