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Notes for paper clubs:

Print Your Own designs come as one pdf to reprint.
What you see is what you get…one pdf is one repeat of the pantograph, original size 6″.
Don’t wait for the mail…get it instantly in your downloads.
Take a copy to the print shop if you need a larger size. They have reproduction wheels.
Resize to what you would like in multiple sizes. They come 6 inches so 200% is 12 inches.
Using an old rotary cutter cut the picture and name off of all but the first copy.
Connect each of the other rows by connecting the registration marks (the blue crosses)
Use packing tape so that you don’t need to be right on and to make it easier to roll up.
Keep your original pdf in an organized book with plastic sheet covers if you like.
Wire Wishes
Paper Club $10 on the first of each month.
You must have 2 Print Your Own in your cart to count as your club choices each month as these do NOT carry over to the next month.
‘Print Your Own’ pantographs are one pdf 8.5 X 11 inches (standard US letter size) Original size is 6”
You will find them in your downloads on the left dashboard.
You may put your club on hold if you are going to be away for a time.